Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

thanksgiving tips

Avoiding Thanksgiving Plumbing Emergencies: Simple Tips for a Smooth Holiday

In our Kingwood plumbing repair business, we've witnessed countless Thanksgiving plumbing emergencies—kitchen clogs, broken disposals, sewer backups, and more. While you and your household are the first responders, we're here as the backup. Are you prepared?

Here's a quick list of top tips to help you steer clear of a Thanksgiving Day plumbing crisis.

  1. Scrape It, Trash It, Cool It: What goes down your drain is under your control. Have an extra trash can ready during Thanksgiving weekend for scraps. Before loading dishes into the dishwasher, rinse them with cold water to prevent fats and grease from causing trouble in your drain.

  2. Kitchen Drain Do's and Don'ts: Your disposal isn't a magical portal. It's for grinding small scraps, not sending everything away. Avoid putting grease, oils, coffee grounds, fruit pits, starches (pasta, rice, potatoes), and bones down the disposal. Even wax can cause issues, so use a strainer.

  3. Understand the Importance of Prevention: Many issues stem from neglecting what goes down your drains. Grease hardens and clogs pipes, coffee grounds create blockages, and certain foods don't break down easily. Stay cautious.

  4. Join the Conversation: Share your experiences and tips. We're eager to learn from our customers and enhance our services based on real feedback. Leave a comment below and be a part of the discussion.

At Brazos Home Services, we provide top-notch materials to our clients in Kingwood, Humble, and Atascocita. While we're always here to help, not all plumbing problems demand an immediate call. Following our consumer guides can reduce the chances of expensive repairs. Feel free to reach out via call or email if you have questions or need assistance. Your peace of mind matters to us.

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