Navigating a Tunneling Sewer Repair: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to addressing sewer issues that run beneath your home's foundation, the process can seem complex. At Brazos Home Services, we understand the importance of transparency and want to guide you through the steps involved in a tunneled sewer repair. Let's explore the key details and the information we'll need from you to ensure a smooth project.

Gathering Information: The Homeowner's Role

Before we can dive into the tunneling process, we rely on your assistance in providing crucial information. Here's what we'll need:

  • Home Plans and Property Measurements: If available, any architectural plans or measurements of your property can be incredibly helpful. These documents give us insights into your home's layout, guiding our approach during the repair process.
  • Foundation and Plumbing History: It's vital to understand any history of foundation or plumbing work beneath your home. Any past repairs or modifications can impact our strategy, so sharing this history is invaluable.

Review and Planning with Engineering

Once we have the necessary information, our team collaborates with engineering experts to review the project's scope. At this stage, we assess whether additional piers are required to support the foundation. This step ensures that the repair process aligns with the structural integrity of your home.

Project Timeline: (May vary) 

  •  Day 1: Tunneling Process
    • The tunneling process typically spans an entire day. During this phase, we create the necessary access points to reach the sewer lines beneath your home. Our skilled technicians work diligently to ensure minimal disruption to your property.
  • Day 2: Plumbing Repairs (If No Additional Piers Required)
    • If engineering assessments confirm that no additional piers are needed, we proceed with the plumbing repairs on the second day. Our goal is to efficiently address the sewer issues, restoring proper function to your plumbing system.
  • Installation of Additional Piers (If Required)
    • In cases where engineering recommends additional piers for foundation support, these will be installed after the tunneling process. Safety and stability are our top priorities, and this step ensures your home's structural integrity.
  • Day 3: City Inspection
    • We coordinate with local authorities to conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the work complies with all relevant regulations. This step ensures the repair meets safety and quality standards.
  • Days 4 and 5: Backfilling and Final Inspection
    • Day 4 involves carefully backfilling the tunnel according to specifications, ensuring the area is restored to its original condition. On Day 5, the final inspection takes place, where an inspector confirms the backfill meets the required standards.

At Brazos Home Services, we're committed to providing comprehensive sewer repair solutions with transparency and professionalism. If you're facing sewer issues in Kingwood, Atascocita, Porter, or Humble, Texas, trust our expert team to guide you through the process from start to finish. Contact us at 281.409.9799 to schedule an assessment and get your sewer repair journey underway.